About Us


Who are We?

  • Family owned boutique private equity firm profitably buying and managing retail shopping centers for 27 years
  • Collected & invested $155 million on currently owned 23 assets.
  • Currently manage over $550 million in assets.
  • Service $300 million debt to 13 mortgage lenders on various centers
  • Manage 4 million square feet of CRE shopping centers in: LA, MS, TN, AL, GA, NC & OK
  • Have 350 active investing partners
  • Have acquired 13 centers, 2.5 million SF GLA, worth $315 million in last 6 years
  • Purchased over 1 million sqaure feet in the last 14 months
  • Distribute ~$1.3M monthly via ach to investing partners


In India, Five Rivers flow down from the tallest Himalayan mountains in the world creating a fertile land area called Punjab in northern India and Pakistani. Around 1500 AD, the monotheistic Sikh religion took birth in India and flourished there invigorating the character of its inhabitants. The Sikh king, Maharaja Ranjit Singh called Sher-e-Punjab (Lion of Punjab) defeated Afghan forces and ruled over this sovereign country from 1801 to 1839. Punjab’s rugged geography and victorious history created a hardy breed of men and women who believe in equal opportunity, self-reliance and high achievement. One of its young sons, Hardam Singh Azad (Azad means Free), left his ancestral land of 5 Rivers in 1962 for the “Land of the Free”, United States of America. After a successful first career in Environmental Engineering (1965-1995), Dr. Azad started and established his 2nd career in Commercial Real Estate (CRE). Imbued with the spirit of five raging rivers and invincibility of Punjab, 5 Rivers CRE took birth in 1996 and reflects this culture and tenacity today. Collectively, our team has over 200 years of good CRE Investment Management experience and capability second to none.

In 2021 we purchased our new office building at 945 Heights Boulevard which has significant space for staff expansion as we continue to grow in size and stature. Very recently, we changed our name to “5Rivers CRE, LLC” dba Azad Commercial Realty Services.

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